Left-Handed Mouse

left handed mouse

There is something about this time of year for solving old problems!

 Last week I just suddenly swung into action buying something I should have bought years ago?  I am a lefty and recently been getting a little sore in my left wrist (by recently I mean over the last 5 years!) so I looked into trying an ergonomic left-handed mouse.   I watched a few YouTube videos and Amazon reviews and now have a Perixx Permice-719L left-handed mouse. Wow!   I know this might seem a boring looking mouse at first but there is nothing boring about pain going away – does it feel good!  OK right handers might be yawing but we lefts really appreciate manufacturers that thing about us, this 30% of the population.  Thank you Perixx Computer GmbH from Dussoldorf Germany!

BTW this is not a gaming mouse (Razer and Logitech have this covered for lefties but they are very expensive and for a different purpose), this is a wireless mouse for general PC such as Excel work and I am just amazed how good it feels and is and for such a reasonable price – only $27 on Amazon!  It worked straight away and all I did was change the Primary mouse button from Left to Right in settings (Bluetooth & devices > Mouse in Win 11).  Now I am so used to using a a right handed mouse, I still want right click to be the context menu and left click to be the enter.

The thing is can I help you with annoying stuff you have put up with for ages with some Excel automation work?  Maybe there is some tedious task that a macro can eliminate for you or you need some easier data updating with Power Query.

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So did you know 13 August International Lefthanders Day, first observed in 1976.  Check out this Parade.com post from last year’s day.  Good company there – Jimmi Hendrix, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Admiral Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates to name a few!