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I work for you to bring advanced Excel Expert power to your business or job ...

… to create value adding spreadsheets  and solve problems

My Excel Spreadsheet Services in Advanced Excel help businesses large & small

What I do

I work for you on your spreadsheet projects or problems when you need me. So basically I am an Excel Expert contractor / consultant / freelancer who works primarily from my home office. Having been a small business owner as well as from working in some of the largest resource companies in the world, I am well placed to understand your needs.

I am not a typical consultant looking to set up next task. I have been a small business owner so know how annoying that can be. I am just happy to do your work well and hopefully hear from you again when you have any future tasks.

How I can Help you

I work for you as a consultant / contractor with my own ABN for Australian businesses), on an hourly basis or for a fixed agreed price if practical under a simple terms sheet to cover both parties' concerns such as confidentiality, what constitutes billable time and other things. Perhaps your own Excel Guru is on leave or you are in the process of recruitment. I can be your fill in Excel Power User go to person for your staff providing Excel support for an agreed period of time. I general work on an hourly basis after giving the best estimate I can for the work to be done. For more straight forward jobs if the client can provide enough specific details I can provide you with a quotation. But note, in this area of work a complex project requiring a fixed quotation can be problematic as the quotation can take nearly as long as the the job itself.

WhY I do this

I am passionate about spreadsheeting, always have been. Even during my corporate career at a senior level in various roles, I couldn't help myself and jump in an create a solution in Excel to do my job and others more efficiently or more capably. So I enjoy helping my clients and don't find using Excel all day a chore, it's genuinely is fun for me. In some ways its like a video game to me. It's a challenge, fun and I am always learning.

Helping businesses small and large

My Excel Spreadsheet Services

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Excel automation

Want a tedious repetitive task like budget or forecast consolidation automated so it can be done with the click of a button and save time?

Excel spreadsheet solutions

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Financial modelling and forecasting

Used VBA programing to amend complex financial model of large fabricator with multiple sites. P & Ls used by this company's financiers required changes and Balance Sheet forecasting without changing the output format or structure.

Excel solutions for Dental practices

My wife is a Dentist, so together we owned and operated a busy successful dental practice for 11 years. We developed many excel based solutions to everyday processes like rosters, day end transaction exception reporting, importing transactions to our accounting system to name a couple that can be tailored quickly to suit other dental practices. Because dental staff are not like corporate staff spreadsheets had to be more automated and user friendly than ever before

Contact me

For initial enquiry please use my contact form or email [email protected] with examples or screenshots to give me a better idea on what you are after.

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