New Team Member at The Excel Factor

Update 2020 Bluey, about 4 years old

Update 2020 Bluey, about 3 years old

Bluey by now has had many adventures and a couple of close calls including a fight with a 4 meter python.  After a very naughty puppy-hood, he has become a wonderful dog.

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About 5 months ago our beloved Australian Terrier of 13 years passed away.  It was actually quite a profound loss for both my wife and myself.  Maybe I am just a dog lover but working from home a lot, I really appreciated my dog around, under my desk or urging me to take off on a walk.  When you get stuck on a crazy formula or some infuriating VBA code there was a wag of the tail and some optimism in those soft eyes to break the thinking pattern.  It was a great loss.

Anyway time has passed so we have a new team member at The Excel Factor, Bluey, an 8 week old Aussie Terrier from Warwick Qld and he is a handful to say the least, wants to be the boss as small as he is and a brave little dog, in fact ‘scary brave’.  ‘Bluey’ is because he is a blue and tan Australian Terrier.   Some are just tan all over.  He is a spirited little bloke and I have a long, long way to go for a peaceful life again, but at least he is already under my desk when he is out of gas.

Bluey the 8 week old Australian TerrierIf you don’t know much about Aussie Terriers well they are tough, brave, stubborn and clever little dogs who sleep with one eye and ear open and only bark if there is something wrong or unusual happening.   I understand they were bred at some time from the 1800s perhaps in Tasmania to protect homes and camps from snakes and rats and also they can herd sheep and cattle.   Bluey’s relatives do this on a cattle farm near Warwick Qld.  In his first few days he has amazed me by learning to fetch his ball and shake hands.  He has also learned a whole bunch of things I don’t want!

Here are some links if you are interested in this breed.–standard.asp