Watch great videos on what’s new in the Excel world from Microsoft’s Ignite 2018 Seminar

Want to sit in on a world class Excel seminar?  Microsoft has a fantastic seminar Microsoft Ignite for tech professionals including Excel Pros, the most recent was held just over a month ago in Orlando U.S. Sept 24-28 2018.

You can view some really top class Excel sessions from this seminar here at this blog link.

  • THR3017 – Be a data ninja: Best practices for analytics using Microsoft Excel with @Ken Puls and @Annie Colonna
  • BRK2122 – What’s new in Microsoft Excel: Machine learning-powered insights, new data types, new visualizations… with @John Campbell, @Olaf Hubel, @Yana Terukhova
  • THR1024 – Ten Excel features you’ll wish you’d known earlier with @Jeet Mukeshkumar Patel and @Ingeborg Hawighorst
  • BRK3252 – Power BI, Excel and Office 365: Unlocking the Value of your Enterprise Data with @Olaf Hubel, @Yana Terukhova, @Ken Puls and @Miguel Martinez
  • BRK3082 – Advanced analytics in Microsoft Excel: Get deep insights from your data including AI-power… with @John Campbell and @Joe McDaid
  • THR1047 – Experience the power of Microsoft Excel anywhere with Excel Online with @Jeet Mukeshkumar Patel and @Ingeborg Hawighorst
  • THR3018 – New functions and calculation capabilities in Excel with @Joe McDaid

Excel now has some revolutionary new formulas so that last video in the list might amaze you – formulas or functions that filter, functions that sort.

Thank you Microsoft for making these great resources accessible to us :).