Are guys really using Excel for this? Some weird Excel usage.

coffeeTalk about some weird Excel usage.  I was enjoying my coffee this cold winter’s morning, reading my nerdy ipad edition of The Australian newspaper and there was this article!   Read the first paragraph!  No way!  If there are men out there using my beloved Excel for that they bring all us Excel nerds down.  Over the years I have had clients from all walks of life wanting Excel based solutions for all sorts of things.  Horse trainers, builders to property analysts.  But if I get a client wanting this kind of application I am drawing the line ;).  I mean imagine it.  They might want to incorporate features like pivot tables, power pivot, bar charts, frequency charts, MATCH, TRANSPOSE or RANK formulas, top 5 conditional formatting…  You could probably think of more.  We Excellers are better than this!

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