Excel Spreadsheet solutions for Small and Large Businesses

Creative business solutions using Excel

This page has all my examples from my consulting / contracting work for clients as well as from small business which was a dental practice

Spreadsheet Solution examples

Examples of the ways I have helped clients with their business spreadsheet needs.

Screen shot of financial model renovation

Financial Modelling or Business Models

When spreadsheeting started way back in the days of Lotus123, financial modelling or business models was often the first use.

screen shot of slider menu

Sliding Macro Menu

Macro buttons can get in the way so how about some animation to slide the buttons downwards or left to right from one cell in a sliding menu. When finished they scroll up to the one cell.

coal haul truck

Global Mine Database

Combining 100s of legacy spreadsheets and consolidating data using VBA in the days before Power Query

car dashboard


Dashboard reporting has exploded out there because it is an effective way of focusing on the things that matter and the things that need attention. Making them interactive means they are not only a rrport but a tool as well

peas in a pod

Daily Transactions Exceptions

VBA is the ultimate tool for programming in any complex checking logic you want to apply to long data sets and let it create a report of exceptions. 

shot of Pivot Table report example

Pivot Table based reports

Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts as the basis of your reporting gains you automatic updating when combined with Table dynamic source data and if from external sources then compbined with Power Query

shot of MYOB Payroll Entry example

Payroll Prep

Simply take your time keeping data and re-organize to suit payroll entry to reduce time and errors in processing payrolls

shot of Roster Application example


This was a roster that rostered to dentists working so forced sensible staff rostering and this approach could just as easily apply to machine operation.

Laptop with sticky notes

Team Contact List

Sure there other sophisticated alternatives like Outlook, but this just worked better in a small business scenario.

old fashioned chemist

Stock Management & Ordering

Stock used in a dental business is many and varied as well as relative expensive so needed a tailored solution including the ordering aspect using VBA & User Forms

old school paper ledger

Upload to Accounting System

In my dental practice staff entered data to a cash register spreadsheet allocating cash to type of payment and dentist. This was converted to a format that could be imported to MYOB.

Dental model

Dental Lab Log

Excel is good for controlling certain things and in this case the external lab work dentists would order which was expensive and needed to be accounted for when paying the dental lab and deducted from each dentist's pay.

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