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My Blog page’s theme is to produce practical blog posts from my Excel consulting with large and small business clients from varied industries. These  topics include spreadsheet design, choosing a sound approach to an Excel based solution, learning from mistakes, VBA programing (or macros), Tables, Pivot Charts, Pivot Tables, advanced formulas, Pivot Query, PowerPivot, Excel User Forms, Excel data cleaning and manipulation, conditional formatting, user friendly features and more.

Hope you find them useful 🙂

left handed mouse
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Left-Handed Mouse

There is something about this time of year for solving old problems!  Last week I just suddenly swung into action buying something I should have bought years ago?  I am

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Using Microsoft To Do 5 Tips

Using Microsoft To Do – 5 tips Matt Allington the well known Power Pivot, Power BI and Power Query expert and author has recently posted a great off topic article

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