Household Solar Energy Spreadsheet

We recently put solar panels on our roof and so I have become interested in solar energy and how it all works.  If anything lends itself to being set out in a spreadsheet or financial model it is this subject!  I developed what started off as a simpler spreadsheet to help decide the best energy plan to consider from our energy provider Origin Energy.  It become more involved as I began to understand the many variables to consider, like:

  • solar yield taking into account the number of sunny days and seasonal changes
  • the estimated usage during daytime
  • the excess yield you are likely to have to earn from the feed in tariff
  • discounted usage rates and lower feed in tariffs vs the reverse

So I have created the attached Household Solar Energy spreadsheet which is freely available for download and I hope you find useful.  It’s worksheet protected but the password is blank so just go to Review on the ribbon, Unprotect Sheet and just enter.  Take care with using this spreadsheet – it is solely to be used at your own risk and you may need to adapt it for your situation.   All I ask is you help me out by please liking my posts on Facebook, Google or Linked-In, thanks so much !

Download my Excel Household Energy spreadsheet and enjoy!