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My Blog page’s theme is to produce practical blog posts from my Excel consulting with large and small business clients from varied industries. These  topics include spreadsheet design, choosing a sound approach to an Excel based solution, learning from mistakes, VBA programing (or macros), Tables, Pivot Charts, Pivot Tables, advanced formulas, Pivot Query, PowerPivot, Excel User Forms, Excel data cleaning and manipulation, conditional formatting, user friendly features and more.

Hope you find them useful 🙂

Re-usable Print Macro

If your application needs to print dynamic reports, then ideally to save tedious manual print setup, you need a re-usable print macro. If your application needs to print several dynamic

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Monitoring the Workbook Environment

This post is about monitoring the workbook environment when working on key workbooks or workbook applications especially if they involve VBA, which is my approach to developing key workbooks for

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Using Array Constants in your formulas

Array constants can help simplify your formulas. I find I use this kind of formula a lot… =IF(AND(B5<>{“A”,”B”,”C”,”D”}),”Yes”,”No”) Instead of: =IF(AND(B5<>”A”,B5<>”B”,B5<>”C”,B5<>”D”),”Yes”,”No”) … and imagine if you want to test 20

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Dependent Dropdown using INDEX

Update 12/12/2021 Since writing this post in 2017 about using a method to create a dependent dropdown using INDEX, Excel now has new revolutionary dynamic array formulas that really has

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